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Matters of the Heart  is CLOSING its store at 2 Rock Creek Drive in Salado Texas effective 12-31-2013.   It has been a pleasure serving our customers since 2003.  We will continue selling a variety of artists online. Check out our SALE page for discounts on our most popular brands.

Pandora Sterling Pendant - Light As A Feather
 Pandora sterling silver pendant - Light As A...
Now $100.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Swan Embrace
 Pandora Jewelry sterling silver with 14K gol...
Now $85.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - My Garden
 Pandora Jewelry sterling silver watering can...
Now $40.00
Pandora Sterling Murano - Cherry Blossom
A layer of translucent glaass on tope of the Cherr...
Now $35.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Enchanted Mouse
 Pandora Jewelry Sterling Silver charm with E...
Now $40.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Vintage Allure
 Vintage Allure, sterling silver with 14K gol...
Now $80.00
Pandora Glass Charm - Pink Speckled Beauty
 Pair this murano glass speckled charm as a p...
Now $45.00
Pandora Sterling Pendant - Cherry Blossom
 Pandora sterling silver Cherry blossom penda...
Now $45.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Hockey Puck
 Pandora sterling silver charm with two cross...
Now $40.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Edelweiss
 Pandora Sterling Silver with yellow cubic zi...
Now $65.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Sweet Strawberry
 Pandora Jewelry sterling silver charm with r...
Now $50.00
Pandora Sterling Clip - Globe
 Pandora sterling silver GLOBE clip with map ...
Now $45.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Love
 Pandora Jewelry sterling charm - Love - writ...
Now $40.00
Pandora Sterling Dangle - Lovely Locks
 The PANDORA sterling silver comb dangle char...
Now $35.00
Pandora Sterling Charm - Unicorn
Pandora Jewelry sterling silver dangle - Unicorn w...
Now $65.00